Let's make this Diwali memorable by celebrating with friends and family !!

Please rsvp by registering below :

For anyone interested in participating cultural performance,
contact Mrunalini Parikh - 805.990.0147

For general questions contact:
Hema Tarachamdani - 805.444.6189
Punita Joshi - toicsinfo@gmail.com

Happy New year

We are very excited in 2014. Are you ready to take the Bhartiya culture and establish a long presence in our new home country - USA?
We have Rohit Khanna standing for elections.
Neel Kashkari running for California Governor.
We need to follow politics here rather than that of India. :-)
Similiarly we need to establish funds to develop our culture here for our next generations.

Navratri Dandia garba 2013

Please join for this FREE event . Our own ICS member Mosami will be performing :-)

Bye Bye Kartikeya

The statue of ganeshji in water."This festival was popularized by Balgangadhar Tilak, to get the people united. Since than the popularity has spread even to Bangalore and now to thousand oaks and Ventura County." said a learned Indian man.

Ganpati Baapa Morya

On a windy Sunday you saw devout Indians on the Harbor Beach at Ventura.
They were carrying statues of Lord Ganesha. After invoking Agni, deep meditation, everyone rushed into the ocean.
Ganpatiji was immersed in the cool blue waters of the Pacific.


If you have stumbled here, stay a little longer and discover what our culture is.
Imagine a broad, thunderous flowing river with numerous trees on its banks. Butterflies fluttering over multihued flowers.
On the banks sit a few men meditating and some youth doing Yoga.
A few miles away astronomers are busy pouring over numbers, calculating the time for the milky way to finish a revolution.
Decimal, Zero, numerals and square of the hypotenuse is equal to sum of the squares of the two other sides of a triangle all help in the calculations.

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